Our February Seller Competition

Investors Club February Seller Competition

How would you like the opportunity to sell your website without paying a single penny in broker fees? 


Well, we’re pleased to announce we’ve launched a new competition just for site owners! 

The Prize

Two lucky winners will each get 100% of their success fee waived if they list with us within the specific time frame. This means if you win and your site sells, you pay absolutely nothing to us (normally 5% of the transaction value). 

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Sites must be earning a minimum of $500/month in net revenue
  • The site’s content must be in English
  • The site must be generating some organic traffic
  • Sites must be submitted between 1st February 12:00am GMT and 13th February 23:59 GMT to qualify for an automatic entry

How to enter:

  1. Simply submit your site here
  2. Make sure you submit your site during the specified time frame

Once the competition is up, we’ll announce the winners a few days after. Whether you win or not, your site will still get a free in-depth valuation by our team of analysts. Once the competition has ended, you can opt-out of listing the site.

Happy selling!

**UPDATE**: The deadline has now changed to Thursday 11th February at 8PM GMT

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