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list your website

With the free Investors Club valuation tool, you can get an idea of the selling price your site commands with just a few clicks.

If you’re ready to sell, we’ve made the process quick and easy to do so you can start receiving offers in under a week. 

Listing happens in two parts and takes less than a week to go live. When you choose to sell with us you get access to a range of benefits including:

  • The lowest seller fees in the industry at just 5%
  • A pool of vetted buyers (ie. serious investors)
  • A quick, simple, and free listing process
  • Sales guarantee (or a $100 Amazon gift card if we don’t sell it)
  • Complete transfer service upon sale 
  • Detailed due diligence report to give prospective buyers an insight into your business
  • World-class support the whole way 

A Summary of How it Works

Here is a visual timeline of how listing your website on Investors Club works.

how to list your site timeline
Step-by-step process of selling your website on Investors Club

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the steps of funnel.

Part 1 – The Initial Application 

Step 1. Specify the Business Type  

listing process, part one

The first thing you’ll need to tell us is what kind of site you’re selling. To offer our members the best service, right now we’re focussing solely on content sites but we’ll be adding eCommerce sites to the marketplace soon. 

Step 2. Monetization Methods

E1gp524X27tzLCbLTIHSBytyA9kIXqVwSM5v86iX5EdnA4WwpzqnfbEPYWkKXR6VyW6u8h0Qx YMJjWbV1oWdOvRfWRi2aXDE3gZCIw4HSAwk4mkspGK 9XAfcDVQkhlLZRTgojT

Next, buyers will want to know what type of monetization methods the site uses. 

Select all that apply and then later on we’ll ask you to specify the financials so make sure you have this data to hand. 

Step 3. Site Backstory 

About the business

Here’s where things get a little more detailed. On page two, you need to supply the site’s URL and give us a few details, including:

  • If you’re the owner or brokering the deal 
  • Whether you started the site from scratch or bought it (we’re big fans of either at Investors Club!) 
  • When the site was established 

You’ll also have the opportunity to tell us more about how the site works and how it makes money.

Bear in mind with this answer that detailed and ‘creative’ descriptions are more attractive to potential investors than just “It’s a content site about cars that posts weekly and makes money via display ads”. 

In other words, be as descriptive as possible.

Listing URLs in your portfolio

Investors Club supports the sale of both individual listings and portfolio packages (multiple sites under one combined price point). If you’re intending to sell as part of a portfolio let us know and include the URLs of the other sites. 

Step 4. The Financials 

Financials and analytics

As promised, now you’re given the chance to elaborate on the site’s financials and analytics data. 

We need to know when the site first started generating money and what the average monthly net revenue is for the 3,6 and 12 months. Please make sure the answers are in USD.

UFSnMU 3kmkVAFPtsd7oQjCcWBFjnrxxnd qtIKilu2iyR8xYHK2dgGFbD9mBYftWwyWCd79xqsPHQNiRh

Investors Club only lists sites where all the information is verified, which is why we ask if you have Google Analytics or Clicky installed. You’re also asked if the site is added to Search Console which provides us with a secondary way of confirming information and forms an essential part of our analyst’s due diligence process

If you answer no to these questions, your site will likely be deemed unsuitable for listing with us as we don’t allow sites with unverified traffic data on our marketplace. 

Step 5. Seller Information 

Selling your site step 4: About you

The last section of stage 1 applies directly to you the seller. We need to know your name and email so we can contact you and any social media profiles that you want to share (optional). 

If your listing is accepted, you’ll need to upload a form of ID so we can verify your identity, but we’ll get to that in part 2. 

Only your name will appear on the listing, all other contact information is kept private. Buyers can contact you through the platform so you’re details are never shared with anyone. 

For our own research, it would also be helpful to know how you heard about Investors Club, but again this information is strictly for our records. 

Hit submit and that’s it for now. 

Part 1 Complete

Once you’ve submitted the form you’ll get a confirmation of submission to the email address you supplied in step 5. 

Our team of analysts will then assess the data to make sure the business is a good fit for our marketplace. 

If it’s a content site that targets an English-speaking market, over 12 months old, and generates upwards of $500/pm in profit, then your chances of being accepted are very high. 

Part 2 – Finalize Listing & Submit Additional Information 

Within one business day, you’ll hear back from us with details on how to complete your submission or with details of why the site isn’t quite right for us. 

If you’re accepted, you’ll get an email that looks something like this.

4x0hq7GxuWISKGIKV9MIVKPhhAR2WGdAjFNfeFd 2LD4s6V8sTFj51vjWY6ZvlDINbghrinDpNsVKJN9KqIbUp31vmAp6T8pg0kMIaXl WBLsCiBJ9swaHdhcYZ0kcU0kXmoCFHc

Just hit the ‘Submit Additional Information’ to continue your submission and get your listing ready to go live. 

Step 1. General Information 


Included in each of our listings is the ‘Seller Information’ section where buyers can find out more about you. 

How much you share is up to you but a good basic guideline is who you are, what you do, and why you launched (or bought) the business in the first place. 

Here’s an example from one of our listings to give you an idea. 

Example summary provided by a seller

Next, tell us whether you’ve had other successful online businesses in the past (or currently) and if you’re the sole owner of the site you’re listing.

ohKgJ2rub7IwFabVEqSRHKjxgXgAJd8tx2EC C8qWW2rnOq0fFBNjpBf77XMsvVrDQr4FryfEMOb9R aYx e2KEkLfucbPQEAaenB1z sX0DJFiO5tzAvAUsr0IEnKxy 45lavjp

If you select no to this last question, a new one appears and you’ll need to tell us the name of your co-owner and their % share in the site. 

J2CN FPwNZNyW6Sf p XS1olJ r3oTheRAS2

One thing some buyers look for is sites where the seller is willing to sign a non-compete. If you are, you can tell us that here, as well as if you have other sites in the same or related niches, and if you’re including any similar businesses in the sale. 

Signing a non-compete is not mandatory but some buyers like the reassurance of knowing that since you’ve already dominated this niche once that you’re not planning on doing it again and posing a threat to their new investment. 

ZYTGuGwdJe12SFzcYYBI0XaNTmZ9Qkhf3hP 0DxlHaUMY6di8XX6UXwtKfwrFKYGqTiaja7iUAX yiF3RRa17zWzqK5CoNvi91R2rYyGyje 7HZi

Finally, let buyers know how many hours you currently dedicate to the site and what tasks you’re responsible for ie. content creation, accounting, software updates, etc. 

We also ask that you give your best guess at how long it will take a new owner to learn the business and if you’re willing to offer post-sale support (and for how long). 

As part of our detailed due diligence reports, our team of analysts draws up a workload analysis detailing how passive we think the site is so knowing how long you spend on it is helpful. 

One of the main pieces of information that buyers want to know about you is why you’re selling the site. 

Popular reasons include:

  • To pursue other ventures
  • A change in circumstances means you no longer have time 
  • To free up capital 

If you’re including any other assets as part of the sale, for example, affiliate accounts, social media accounts, or email lists, now’s the time to list them. 

Step 2. In-depth Financials 


Although you gave a brief overview of the site’s financials in part 1, you now need to supply more detailed records. 

Alongside needing to know the different sources of revenue and the % that comes from each, we ask that you upload a profit and loss statement. 

1QwbYKXUfgZm7Vm2qdA2XCg2j55MI4XvZztD1NjUInp2tKLkXCF53DoeST3kNsUlhFtHt0E5VryvAJK5muoaPgg5LBSoLg1OJiZIEFBBzK93EDyX3OhiikefuH1njxMrd4M Tq3Z

For your convenience, we provide a template for the profit and loss statement so all you need to do is fill it in. 

bCN cYn gzHaS9XFIIF3LGLvLdWVO9b5j Q2544PrMx5rCrmYyNqq9Ovpb0BOIfzJEtDaMNRnaBlOSgGKPAXGsXqu29Tb0jqD 9wlw f K4QP4mPgyYYXYhSOG4QftUmhTOkZXQk

While we’re on the topic of finances, if you’re intending to offer flexible payment terms to a buyer or are open to seller financing, then you can declare it here too. This isn’t required, but some buyers may request it and if your site is valued at over 6 figures, it might help attract more buyers. 

Step 3. SEO & Site Information 

Love it or hate it, SEO is a big part of running a website, and buyers want to know about it. 

On page three, you’ll be asked to explain your traffic acquisition strategy and link-building practices. Be as descriptive and specific as you can. 

DBEAR0EaBDU9wRUZE28HrCUtcnDEoAj ps67uyquVG96C0j8DnIQKajzFZFkIM5HyRuVMm1yPgAbYKtEb4nkrO hLpBOcOvaVKvFc

We also ask whether you’ve ever used PBN links or have been hit by any Google penalties, which then helps us put together the spam signal section of our due diligence report. 

If you answer yes to the PBN link question, you’ll need to supply further information. 

Then there’s a section to give details on your content publishing strategy and let us know who writes your content. If you work with freelancers, it’s a good idea to see whether they will continue working with the new site owner before listing so that we can communicate this to buyers.

Finally, we need to know the details of your current hosting provider, where the server is based, and which domain registrar you’re using. If you’re using any secondary domains as 301 redirects, you should declare that now too. 

ZFWU9lMamYBxZw4kwrX4hyCWIyICVrAiW 2GpfWT70kAWTLV2scNpuXC0L3FXWAUA2xic MO2od3e68mQ4i5qUvmke1gac88wmmmeIyo2XlWB QSmiCUiOV0jpiW2NroPeCvKzj

As mentioned, Investors Club only lists sites where the information is fully verified so buyers can invest with confidence. In order to sell with us, we require that you add [email protected] as a user on your Google Analytics account so that our team of analysts can access and verify the data for your listing. 

Step 4. Growth Prospects 

As part of our detailed due diligence reports, we put together a growth analysis report that sets out potential strategies we would implement if we owned the site. 

W2E eM0r8DdAF7h7sh acumyjRJHJ5wYMQKY39GzPD8HpSByt zOFqrhAeeSoLyjRognKINhXLCt

As the person who knows the site the best, it’s helpful for us if you could indicate any opportunities you see for the business, speculate the budget they’d require, and which you envision offering the most ROI. 

mMaDh4bL 1elf5moOyRZJgoUFtPTpHXdIZ5PdT7blK8l ZpsRtJSnMvAKtRzQ 208RS1Uqk1ZaXOBqHeIiBXjKalC6mlNcNO voXOoCn4yAw0WlpMNMbWj1yo57RwiwCfh0Vw0h0

Here you can also let us know if any of these steps are in process and if not, why you haven’t implemented them. Websites with room for growth and therefore the potential to increase revenue are extremely attractive to buyers so spend some time on this question. 

Investors are looking for sites that offer a smooth transition, which is why the last question on this page gives you the option to identify any potential difficulties a new owner might face. 

Step 5. Email Marketing

U0Xf247MQjgMqI8OfR2UIYb8nJ5YyvtK5VBrAb6ObbhID0e8YRjSnXE3E3Em90f9rPZBnO8UPF0Qktc5bWNs7nJZJaXxAkNPG1f7TGw7FpaSfPxI XDDhyAMsDOlobJG2UehtTkA

For sites that have a mailing list, now is the time to tell us. 

If you answer yes we’ll need to know the size of the list, how frequently and in what manner you communicate with subscribers, the typical open rate, and what software/service you use to send them out. 

Step 6. Social Media Marketing 

QcqDORwglJ pkpf1OW6HWPu7PnX1 ittXDpIV20yRtkAP9CPwgJr64cS98zU HqGdRzTRCpVsVc9VMoTkJwYZ9nm8lxC5hum6dwo ef MERQ0pl jsIqJlAeVdcDu3 K jjZn3M

Our last set of questions relate to any social media marketing strategies you might have. If you have a social media account(s) then we need to know what channels you use, how often, and who posts. 

We also ask that you share how many followers each account has and which you’ve found to be the most effective for your niche.

Step 7. Upload Proof 

Uploading verification documents

For sellers looking to speed up the process, you have the option of uploading various files that we require for verification now. These must be provided before a listing can go live and submitting it with the rest of your information ensures your listing doesn’t get held up. 

We require:

  • Proof of ID 
  • Proof of domain authority 
  • Affiliate network payout history for the last 12 months 
  • Bank deposits matching payouts 

None of this will be shared with buyers and is strictly used for verification purposes.  

Step 8. Submission Complete 

Once you’ve submitted your information that’s your part done. 

hXpHibGfYkmYOtcbTbrXkBpJGN5iU7JFHqTEFuwYBWlt3XwDWtF19tMaVeollElFLk9kcZZftWAa4gXDBSQNWJ XB6HfXuvkHVwXw7N4rTa6UV1csYGzWgmGe9q4mOkGCtlll0o

You’ll see a screen that looks like this and access to a PDF that contains more information and FAQs about the next steps. 

Our team of analysts then takes over and begins working on the site, analyzing data and drawing up an in-depth valuation. This usually takes around 5-7 business days. 

If you haven’t submitted all the information we need you’ll get a follow-up email detailing what’s missing like the one below. 

Email follow up for after submitting website for sale

As you can see in this example the seller failed to attach anything that’s required during the process so one of the business analysts is letting them know how to find/provide the relevant data. 

Once the listing is published all you have to do is field any questions potential buyers might have and wait for the offers to come rolling in. 

To get started listing your site today, try our free valuation tool or go straight to selling here

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