Flippa vs Investors Club – Why Investors Choose Us

One of the hardest decisions you’ll face as a website owner is not when to buy and sell, but where. While buying and selling websites can be a lucrative investment opportunity, high broker fees and hidden costs can quickly eat into your bottom line.  With a myriad of platform options to choose from, let’s take […]

Our February Seller Competition

How would you like the opportunity to sell your website without paying a single penny in broker fees?  Interested? Well, we’re pleased to announce we’ve launched a new competition just for site owners!  The Prize Two lucky winners will each get 100% of their success fee waived if they list with us within the specific […]

7 (Most) Important Factors That Go Into an Online Business Valuation

The purpose of this guide is to help you understand the process behind how a website or online business typically gets evaluated to determine a fair market value. Now this is by no means a strict list, there are obviously other factors. But I thought it would be a good idea to highlight the top […]

Xmas Website Giveaway – WIN 1 of 2 Established Websites

Want to win an established website packed with over tens of thousands of dollars worth of high-quality content and already receiving thousands in organic traffic? I know, crazy right? We’re actually giving away 2 established websites to 2 lucky winners, guaranteed. Here are the details of each prize so you know we’re serious… Prize 1: […]

How To Explode Your SEO Conversion Rate (And Drive Insane ROI)

When you’re buying a website, monetizing already-existing traffic is one of the best ways to quickly increase your ROI. How do you know your next acquisition is a real opportunity? This article should give you a few good rules of thumb. What is a good SEO conversion rate? 4% is a good SEO conversion rate. […]