4 Ways to Generate Interest in Your Listing

Listing with Investors Club gives you access to a pool of vetted buyers so you can be confident that your site is being seen by serious investors.  When a listing goes live, we take care of the big stuff like sharing it with our mailing list, VIP exclusive Discord community, and in our private Facebook […]

How to List Your Website For Sale on Investors Club

With the free Investors Club valuation tool, you can get an idea of the selling price your site commands with just a few clicks. If you’re ready to sell, we’ve made the process quick and easy to do so you can start receiving offers in under a week.  Listing happens in two parts and takes […]

How to Get a Free Valuation of Your Website

Investors Club offers a free valuation tool that gives you an honest and fair idea of your site’s potential selling price.  Combine that with our low seller fees (the lowest around), world-class service, vetted buyers, and guaranteed sale (or a $100 Amazon gift card back), why wouldn’t you want to list your site with Investors […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Digital Asset

Say the word investment and your mind automatically jumps to the stock market, but there’s a strong case for investing in digital assets that shouldn’t be overlooked.   Since Investors Club specializes in revenue-generating content sites, we’re going to make websites the focus of this guide but digital assets can mean many things from websites to […]

15 Alternatives to Google AdSense to Monetize Your Site

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and high-performing ad networks available. Launched in 2003, for website owners looking to monetize their site it’s often the go-to choice.  But they’re not the only advertising network and depending on your site, it might not even be the most suitable option. Here are the top 5 […]

How to Complete a Website Purchase

As a member of Investors Club, you have access to a marketplace full of exclusive listings. All the sites come from verified sellers so you can invest with confidence through our platform.  Investors Club has scrapped the traditional buyer fee model and offers done-for-you legal documents, no-fee transfer, inspection, and escrow services to make website […]

Getting Started with Investors Club: How to Set up an Account as Buyer

Investors Club is an exclusive members-only marketplace that works harder to help buyers and sellers profit. If you’re looking to get started with website investing or have a portfolio you’d like to expand, Investors Club will save you time, money, and hassle on your next venture. A membership with us gives you access to 100% […]

Website Investing: How The Potential Risk Compares to Other Popular Investments

Human nature has us convinced we’re more risk-tolerant than we actually are. While it’s easy to say you’re a risk-taker when it comes to quite literally putting your money where your mouth is the story is often a little different.  Even if you think you could watch 50%+ of the value drop from your portfolio […]

Buy or Build: 5 Reasons Why Buying Wins

To answer that, let’s take a look at the comparison between buying a website versus building your own, as this is often the first thing that jumps out to most people.